Candice Behan, Owner/Acupuncturist


Candice is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist with vast clinical experience treating acute and chronic conditions related to pain management, women's health, digestive disorders, stress management, and mental health among other conditions. Known for her gentle approach, Candice’s practice encompasses a synergistic blend of acupuncture, herbal remedies, auricular (ear) acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, cupping, Tuina, meditation and dietary suggestions based on Oriental medical theory.

Candice empowers her patients to be their own healthcare advocate, by educating them on healthier lifestyles, self-awareness, and mindfulness allowing them to play an active role in their healing process.

Candice attended the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida and worked for four rewarding years at Green Acupuncture in South Florida. She then moved with her family to Dublin, Ireland where she began Clover Acupuncture and lectured at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

After two years abroad, Candice and her family returned to the States and settled in Tryon, NC. She is thrilled to bring her experience, expertise, and practice to this beautiful area and wants Clover to be the area’s community resource for health and holistic living.

I embrace TCM’s full consideration of the individual and the local and seasonal conditions to aid in establishing my patients’ personalized plan for the most effective treatment outcomes.
— Candice Behan


Candice is a recognized member of the NCALB. You can find their website here


Debra Caniglia, Yoga teacher

Debra is a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer.  She carries a B.S. degree in Health Science: Physical Education with an emphasis in Corporate Wellness from the University of Wyoming. She is registered with Yoga Alliance and is passionate at using yoga, breathwork, and her experience in fitness to help clients achieve their practice goals. Her vast experience includes personal training, Division-1 athletic training, ranch manager/caretaker, and physical education and wilderness instructor.

Debra incorporates her love for essential oils by including aromatherapy into her yoga classes and by teaching wellness classes on how to use essential oils to alleviate health issues.  



Jo Rytter, Yo-chi teacher

Jo Rytter is a Certified Kripalu Movement and Yo-Chi Instructor. She has also completed the Golden Hearts: Senior Fitness Training. Jo has been teaching various classes throughout Polk County for the past 11 years.


Lou mangione, yoga teacher

Lou is retired after a career in the aerospace industry in Connecticut. He was attracted to yoga in an effort to offset the adverse efforts of a stressful lifestyle and aging. Looking for a deeper understanding of his yoga practice he completed his 200 hour certification in 2010.

Lou's focus in class is to minimize the loss of flexibility, balance and mental concentration that comes naturally with age. As such, he incorporates a laid-back but steady approach to his asana practice with an emphasis on teaching alignment, flexibility and breathing techniques to his fellow practitioners.


Jennifer Lawrence, Yoga Teacher

Jennifer is a Registered Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga in Polk County, NC and Spartanburg, SC since 2015. She is registered with Yoga Alliance and is currently working toward her 500 hour yoga certification through Asheville Yoga Center. Jennifer is passionate about teaching yoga to all types of people and is especially drawn to teaching others how yoga and breathwork can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Jennifer is also a Level Two Reiki Practitioner and believes in the power of essential oils to help bring balance to the whole person. One of Jennifer's favorite aspects during her class is to offer a temple massage with essential oils during Savasana. When not teaching yoga, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and son, taking walks in the woods and studying herbalism.